For and about the village

 There is a boy who lives in a town. One night a UFO comes to Earth. One of the extra-terrestrials misses the ship when it leaves.  So he goes into the town where he finds shelter in a garage. It is the boy’s family’s garage. One night the boy sees footprints, which lead into the garage…



This movie is excellent! It is surely the best science-fiction movie ever made. Even if it has old-time graphics, this movie is great. The extra-terrestrial’s skin was so precise. Plus this story is just fantastic. I think the boy is very brave not to scream at the extra-terrestrial.


A long time ago, there were some prehistoric animals. Manny, a mammoth, walked around the ice and he knew that there would be a flood, where he lived. He went to warn the other animals. A bird told them that there was a boat somewhere, very far away from there. They tried to go to the boat. On the road, Manny met Ellie, a female mammoth, but she thought that she was a possum. After, Ellie learned that she was a mammoth. Finally, they arrived at their destination. The flood came, and Manny and his friend jumped in the water to save Ellie. Scrat, the animal who was obsessed by the acorn, broke the ice in two and the water went away. The flood was finished!



My opinion:

This is a very good movie. The colour is beautiful. It is very attractive. When I watch the beginning of the movie, I always want to know what happens afterwards. This is one of my favourite movies. Sid is bumbling and funny. It is funny when Ellie, a mammoth, thinks that she is a possum. She even hangs herself by her tail in a tree! The animal who was obsessed by the acorn is funny, too.

Movie Review

“Anyone Can Cook, Only the Fearless Can Be Great”

Remy is an anthropomorphic rat with an incredible sense of smell and taste and a tremendous passion for cooking. His talent makes him stand out from his colony and leads him to unusual experiences with humans. Chef Gusteau, who is the finest chef in France and Remy’s idol, has a famous motto, “Anyone can cook”. This motto encourages Remy to pursue his dream of being a cook and of becoming a great artist of cooking.
Remy initially lives with his colony in a country house. One day, his colony is discovered. The rats flee the house to the river. Because of this flight, Remy loses his family and arrives in Paris, brought there thanks to the river. Guided by his sense of smell, he reaches the finest restaurant in Paris, Gusteau’s. At Gusteau’s, Remy meets Linguini, a garbage boy who needs Remy’s help to become a chef. However, being recognized as a chef is not easy, especially for a rat. If you wonder about how Remy becomes the finest chef in France and how he deals with difficulties encountered, watch Ratatouille! The story of Remy is full of excitement and struggle. The movie is simply inspiring.
After watching this movie, I think that Remy’s success resulted from his determination, his courage, and his luck.
First, Remy is determined about his passion. His determination overcomes the pressure that his family puts on him. Because Remy has a superior sense of smell and taste compared to his colony, he refuses to eat the garbage that is the daily fare for rats. When his father tries to persuade him to eat the garbage he finds, Remy firmly replies, “If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff”. Later, when he finds something in the garbage bin that could turn into “a delicious food”, he climbs up on the roof and makes tools to cook the piece of junk. In addition, Remy’s determination for his passion is demonstrated mainly through his inner voice. Throughout the story, when in various situations of despair, Remy hears the voice of his idol, Chef Gusteau, who always confirms Remy’s desire to cook and to become a great cook. Of course, Chef Gusteau never talks to Remy. Remy imagines those conversations. Those inner conversations reflect Remy’s determination to overcome his inner despair and discouragement. Brief, determination is a key to success.
Second, Remy has the courage to fulfill his dream even though he might put himself in danger. As Remy is a rat, humans perceive him as pesterous and he is absolutely not permitted in the kitchen. However, he has the courage to enter the kitchen unlike other rats, who fear it. Once, as he and his brother have entered a kitchen to pick up a spice, his brother says, “All this cooking and reading and TV-watching while we cook and read. It’s like you’re involving me in crime!” In his brother’s statement, it is understood that rats normally do not dare do such things because doing so is against rats’ rules and because they avoid the kitchen for survival. However, Remy does not conform to these rules. For him, cooking is greater than living safely. He dares enter the kitchen and dream the impossible. As he once says, “[Humans] don’t just survive; they discover; they create… I mean, just look at what they do with food!” Remy wants to acquire the abilities that humans have with cooking. By performing experiments, he manages to make his dream come true. The rare courage he has as a rat allows him to be recognized later by the prominent critic, Ego, as a great artist.
Third, Remy is a lucky rat. He has such unusual luck that it seems to be his destiny. When the lady in the country house discovers Remy’s colony living under her roof, she starts to fire on these rats. However, he escapes with Chef Gusteau’s book, which the lady put on the table. Even more, he is transported through the sewers [][]to Paris, the capital of flavors, and to the restaurant Gusteau’s. Once there, he gets the chance to watch “a real gourmet kitchen”. Moreover, Remy’s greatest luck is to meet Linguini who has, by accident, observed Remy cooking and who knows about Remy’s ability. Linguini, the garbage boy, cannot cook, but he is forced to reproduce what Remy has cooked. So he teams up with Remy. This team allows Remy to develop his talent in the kitchen at Gusteau’s and to become a real chef.
In conclusion, Remy, the gifted rat, would not be able to develop his talent fully if he were not determined and courageous and if he did not have luck. As in real life, these three components of success are also necessary for humans. Everyone has a talent that separates him/her from other people. Whether that talent is small or large, people must acquire the necessary qualities and the opportunities to develop their talents in order to become great. In other words, as Chef Gusteau’s famous motto says, “Anyone Can Cook, Only the Fearless Can Be Great”.

Nowadays, in the Western world, laws and social movements promote the idea of freedom and rights. On the surface, it seems that people indeed lead their lives according to free will and that laws indeed protect individual rights. Western society, as known by most modern men, is a society of freedom that many countries use as a model. However, if we think deeply about our society, we find that the way our society is organized contradicts the idea of freedom. In western society, people are not free. They are bounded by laws, social expectations, and authority.
Laws mould our thoughts and behaviors. Laws are the norms that every citizen is forced to follow. Curiously, everyone, without question, recognizes laws as the rightful guide of behavior. People may not agree with those lines at first glance, but let’s perform a test. Suppose that you are driving along at high speed and suddenly you realize that your brakes do not work. You know that if you keep driving straight ahead, you will kill the five workers working some meters farther along; however, if you turn to the right, you will kill only one worker instead of five. Suppose that driving straight or turning to the right are the only options you have. What do you do? Professor Michael J. Sandel has performed this test with his students at Harvard University and the majority of students chose to turn right. The reason is simple: fewer people would be killed if you turned right. Then, following this test, Professor Sandel uses another situation in which you are standing on a bridge watching a car heading at high speed towards five workers on the road. At the moment when you feel completely helpless, you realize that there is a fat man beside you. If you pushed him off the bridge, doing so would stop the car. Do you push this fat man off the bridge? The answer to this question is quite obvious. All Sandel’s students answer that they would not because it would be murder even though mathematically it is right to sacrifice one life to save five. Based on this example, we can see how laws interfere with our thinking and our daily decisions. We choose to do things that conform with laws and avoid situations in which we could get punished by judicial institutions. As of our earliest age, we learn that laws and institutions ensure order in society and protect people’s rights. However, do we also learn that not all laws are self-evident? There are laws that are debatable. However, since our infancy, we learn not to act against laws and to form our behaviors accordingly. Therefore, laws determine for us what we are supposed to do and bind our thinking and behaviors.
Social expectation is a strong agent that controls our lives. It controls our lives while making us believe that we choose our lives. By social expectation, I especially mean people’s desire to get good grades, to enter good universities, and to get a lucrative job, etc. This form of control acts mainly at the psychological level. People work hard to achieve those goals because they think that they want them and they have free will to pursue wealth and prestige. However, few people wonder why they want those things and what it is that they truly work for. In fact, since the Industrial Revolution, western society has slowly turned into a market society in which capitalist ideas influence personal attitudes, lifestyles, and the political views of its people. In essence, money, position, and power direct people’s decisions and lives. People’s wish to acquire money and prestige is, in other words, determined by social mentality or social expectation. Often, even though the individual does not value those things that much, society and his/her surroundings put pressures on him/her to follow social rules. For example, there is a talented Chinese musician who abandons his musical career to sell roast chicken because he can earn more by selling chicken than by selling his compositions. As the social Darwinism expression states, “the survival of the fittest”, most people seek to fit into society instead of pursuing their dreams. Brief, in western society, people’s free wills are limited by social expectations.
Besides laws and social expectations, authority is another important controller of people’s behaviors. The power of authority is undeniable. The natural obedience of humans to authority seems to be innate. Milgram’s experiment on obedience to authority was a shock to society. In this experiment, Dr. Milgram asked participants, or monitors, to send an electric shock to another participant, or student, if he did not give a correct answer. As the student got the wrong answer each time, the voltage of the electric shock increased. Whenever the participants wanted to stop, a figure of authority told them to continue. Actually, no one received a real electric shock in the experiment. Dr. Milgram just wanted to study the effect of authority on people’s decisions and behaviors. The result of this experiment was astounding. Under the pressure from the authority, sixty-five percent of the participants triggered a final 450-volt shock, which is enough to kill a human being. Indeed, an authority figure has a huge power over people’s behaviors. For example, young children usually obey their parents; the soldiers obey their commander; students submit to the rules established by institutions, etc. For everyone in society, there is at least one authority figure that directs his/her behaviors or that he/she obeys.
Even though people usually think that they are free, their behaviors, even their beliefs, are controlled by laws, social expectations, and authority. People are always influenced by society and by the people around them. The truly free man who always acts according to his free will does not exist in the present world because one’s freedom stops where the freedom of another begins.

Monkey Spoon

In Africa, a monkey finds a spoon. Another monkey takes the spoon away from her. He puts it in his nose.  He tries to pull it out of his nose. He tries everything he can. He even attaches the spoon to a rock. Then he lets it fall from a tree…

This cartoon is funny. Sometimes, in the story actions are impossible. When he attaches a cord to a big rhinoceros, the trick doesn’t work. The graphics are just normal. This cartoon is not amazing or excellent. It is just so so. The guys are just like cylinders. There are not any details. At the end it is touching when the other monkey pulls out the spoon.  In my opinion, the monkey is very stupid. The big rhinoceros like an idiot. After all, this cartoon is very good.

In Africa, at a bus stop, a young man is waiting for the bus. He is almost asleep. A dog tries to wake him up. Suddenly, an ugly woman comes by. She tries to kiss him, but the young man steps away from the lady. He is on the edge of the chair…

This video is funny. The young man is disgusted to see an ugly lady trying to kiss him.  She ends up kissing the dog instead. At the end, he realizes that the ugly lady is a young lady. She is probably cursed and she needs to kiss someone to regain her form. This cartoon is very short. The graphics are very bad because they are just simple cartoon graphics. Each part of the body is made of cylinders, spheres or even cubes.  It is not like Haoma where the skin is very well made. The details are very precise. Th
s cartoon is just a burst of colours. However the story is good




Back to School Party

Hi, Bloggers,

I hope you’re doing well.

School is starting up again.

Well, to celebrate that change in our lives there is going to be a party at KONOs Pizza. Yes, some of you remember the parties we had last year.

Well, I’ve approached them for another party. This one is going to be on September 21. That’s a Friday. It’s from 7 pm to 9 pm. For those of you who are busy on Friday, I’m sorry. There will be the traditional Halloween Party in October: October 27 as of now.

Here is the official poster that I am putting up around Concordia:

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